Saturday, 2 October 2010

GENRE: 8-bit

Now, with this blog, I plan to post a song for a different genre everyday. If you would like to see me pick a song from a certain genre, ask me in a comment.
Todays genre will be 8-bit. 8-bit is music made using purely 8-bit sounds. If you don't know what 8-bit sounds are, listen to this track, and it will become apparent!
This song is called Famicon Connection by Sabrepulse:


  1. capcom always has the best music

  2. 8-bit music is always fun, but I prefer machinae supremacy for my video-game style music. that and OC remixes

  3. Wish I could hear alot of songs in 8 bit. good post.

  4. 8bit songs aer fun to listen to (: