Wednesday, 6 October 2010

GENRE: Post-Hardcore

I love this genre, it's awesome! I think you guys will like this song, tell me what you think:

I love BlessTheFall. They're a great band, and deserve more fans than they have...

Monday, 4 October 2010

GENRE: Hardcore

Everyone loves a bit of hardcore music from time to time, this is a personal favourite of mine:

It's called "The Final Episode" and is by "Asking Alexandria".

Saturday, 2 October 2010

GENRE: 8-bit

Now, with this blog, I plan to post a song for a different genre everyday. If you would like to see me pick a song from a certain genre, ask me in a comment.
Todays genre will be 8-bit. 8-bit is music made using purely 8-bit sounds. If you don't know what 8-bit sounds are, listen to this track, and it will become apparent!
This song is called Famicon Connection by Sabrepulse:

Journey time :)

I'm just about to step into the car and travel to visit the family :). Now, travelling music... Personally I have a playlist devoted to travelling (because I'm cool) and I thought I'd share one of my favourite travelling tracks :):
This is OkGo with Get over it.

Sorry I couldn't get the video up, youtube has failed me: "Embedding disabled by request"...

Edit: I forgot to mention, thank you to all my new-found followers, welcome to the blog :).

Rise and shine :)

So it's a Saturday morning, and I'm tired from a night of interwebbing and mindless TV. So I love a bit of heavy dubstep to slap me in the face when I get up! Now if you don't know what dubstep is, then where have you been for the past few months?! It's basically the art of bass added to music :). This is a personal favourite of mine:

Friday, 1 October 2010

Night night :)

To end my evening I think I'll stick a little lullaby on. The soothing voice of Eminem will help me sleep tight.
The song Mockingbird by Eminem is about how Marshall always tried to do best for his kid, even when things weren't looking great; here's this song:


I was browsing the interwebs for some new stuff to listen to. I was on the soundcloud ( ) earlier today, and found this:

If you go to that link and click play you will be hit by everything from Rhianna, to Elvis to Disturbed! I love that mix, it's got a bit of everything, and is a great mashup :).

GENRE: Pop Punk

So I thought I'd kick off this blog with a band that I am very much into at the moment; You Me At Six.
   I have been listening to You Me At Six for about 2 years now, and have been enjoying their work since day one.
   In March of this year I went to see the band play live at my local O2 academy; great show. I have been listening to this song quite a few times within the last few weeks and thought I'd share it with the world. The song is titled "Liquid Confidence". And is about how people can become a whole different person when drunk, given "Confidence" by the "Liquid" alcohol. This is the song:

First Post:

Dear blog readers,

This is my first blog post, and I have no idea bow to anything in this crazy blogging world! I doubt that anyone will even read this...
But for anyone who is reading this, this is an introduction to this blog. In this blog, I shall be posting music videos, new songs, good songs and songs that I like. These are the main genres that I will be posting about (although I will post about many more):

. Rock (Classic, hard, alternative, punk, etc...)
. Grindcore
. Post-Hardcore
. Dubstep
. Rap
. Bassline (inc. Niche, Bassline, Street Bass etc.)
. Pop punk (All time low, You Me At Six, etc.)
. 8-bit/techno
. Weird music that doesn't fit into any of the above.

So if you like any of that, stay tuned to my Blog! And somehow subscribe to me (or follow me, whatever!).