Friday, 1 October 2010

First Post:

Dear blog readers,

This is my first blog post, and I have no idea bow to anything in this crazy blogging world! I doubt that anyone will even read this...
But for anyone who is reading this, this is an introduction to this blog. In this blog, I shall be posting music videos, new songs, good songs and songs that I like. These are the main genres that I will be posting about (although I will post about many more):

. Rock (Classic, hard, alternative, punk, etc...)
. Grindcore
. Post-Hardcore
. Dubstep
. Rap
. Bassline (inc. Niche, Bassline, Street Bass etc.)
. Pop punk (All time low, You Me At Six, etc.)
. 8-bit/techno
. Weird music that doesn't fit into any of the above.

So if you like any of that, stay tuned to my Blog! And somehow subscribe to me (or follow me, whatever!).

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